VA – This Is For The Homies (2000) | Rap & hip hop

VA – This Is For The Homies (2000) | Rap & hip hop

Name: Various Artists – This Is For The Homies
Year: 2000
Label: Thump Records
Featuring: Slow Pain, Latino Velvet Frost, Cisco, Roger Troutman, Smoke Serrano From L.A.C., MC Blvd, Baby Beesh, South Park Mexican, Grimm and others
Producers: William Walker & Pebo Rodriguez
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:06:13
Size: 153 Mb


1. Slow Pain – Homies
2 Latino Velvet Featuring Frost, Cisco & Roger Troutman – Raza Park
3. Cisco – Just Like Mexico
4. Smoke Serrano From L.A.C. Featuring MC Blvd – Confessing A Feeling
5. Baby Beesh Featuring South Park Mexican And Grimm – Drop Top Heaven
6. Lawless And A.L.T. – Love vs. Hate
7. Mr. Shadow Featuring Lil’ Rob – Go Ahead
8. Lawless – Here’s To You
9. A.L.T. & Slow Pain – My Coupdavil
10. Funky Aztecs – Latin Soul
11. P-Pham – Why?
12. Proper Dos – Heat
13. Slow Pain – Lil’ Don Juan

Review about Albumm "VA – This Is For The Homies"

This Is for the Homies is an unusual hip-hop collection that pays tribute to Chicano rap pioneers and David Gonzalez's comic strip "Homies," which appeared in Lowrider Magazine in the late '70s. Slow Pain's "Homies," Mr. Shadow's "Go Ahead," Cisco's "Just Like Mexico," and Lawless' "Here's to You" are some of the album's highlights. Also included are tracks by Frost, L.A.C., Beesh, Funky Aztecs, and A.L.T.. Gonzalez's "Homies" characters fill the album's artwork and liner notes, adding another level of authenticity to this worthwhile compilation.

Review by Mark Hopkins:

Rap and Hip Hop are not my thing at all. That said, I found this CD tossed out of a car in the Carson Kmart Parking lot as I was en route to Star Bucks. I cleaned off the CD and gave it a listen. It had a lot of production values, and they put some time into the lyrical content. It wasn't overloaded with N this and N that, nor was it misogynistic. So if you are looking a Hip/Hop CD with Latin flair, and without a ton of cursing, this isn't a bad CD at all. They sampled some great old school classics, which, as DJ I recognized.


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